Innovating Success with Visionary Leadership

At Accera, we drive success through visionary leadership, diverse culture and broad collected competencees. Our forward-thinking approach empowers industries with cutting-edge solutions that strenthens the operations on every expansion. 

With a dedicated team of experts, we bring transformative ideas to life, unlocking new opportunities and propelling our clients towards their goal, making sure any project lands safely and ensures their future growth and achievements.


Rasmus Milan Petersen

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

+45 2428 4201

Martin Bøger Guzek

Co-founder | Chief Business Dev. Officer

+45 2428 4200


Jonas Malmberg-Pedersen

Sales & Project manager

Accera Enterprise

+45 2428 4204

Mike Laumann 

Sales & Project manager

Accera Carpentry & Fitting

+45 6061 5018


Sandra Kennedy

Office administraton

Accera Administration

+45 2428 4202

Marco Pozzi

QLS Manager

Accera Administration

+45 2428 4189

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