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At Accera we offer a highly skilled, well-organized, and efficient electrical department. We can handle all electrical aspects of your small or large scaled construction project and have long and wide experience also with highly advanced technical installations.

We combine expertise, flexible planning, effective communication, adherence to safety standards, efficient project management, and have a strong commitment to quality.

Our electricians are skilled, licensed, and experienced professionals who have a strong attention to detail. From installing electrical systems to troubleshooting and repairs, we uphold high-quality standards throughout every project.

Our electrical department conducts thorough quality inspections at various stages of construction to ensure that the electrical systems are installed in compliance with specifications, industry standards, and local legislation. This includes regular testing of electrical installations, verifying connections, and grounding.

Our employees in Accera Electric are adept at: 

  • Interpreting blueprints
  • Performing installations
  • Repairing faults
  • Troubleshooting electrical components.


Here are some key characteristics of our successful electrical department at Accera: 

EXPERIENCE: Our electricians and technicians possess in-depth knowledge of electrical systems, codes, legislation, and safety regulations.

FLEXIBILITY: Our flexible approach combined with vast experience often help to solve conflicts, avoid costly revisions, and secure high quality installation on time.

COLLABORATION: Our electricians are professional, punctual, and dependable. We are known for our collaborative efforts with architects, engineers, and external contractors.

SAFETY: Our electrical department follows all necessary safety regulations and takes extensive measures to prevent accidents and hazards.

COMPLIANCE: Our electricians ensure that all installations are meeting local legislation, client requirements, European standards, and our internal quality control.

COMMISIONING: Due to our interdisciplinary experience, we train our electricians to make sure that they deliver quality documentation, necessary commissioning input to secure successful SAT and FAT tests.

With the assistance of our back office, we guarantee seamless integration of our electricians on site and ensure their clear comprehension of the project’s overall objective to mitigate the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts.

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