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Our Accera Carpentry & Fitting department consists of skilled construction carpenters, joiners, fitters, and framers who work closely with internal and external construction teams on site and with architects, engineers, and project management. We strive to collaborate to ensure seamless integration of the client’s requirements. 

Our department is a specialized unit that focuses on the construction and installation of your:  

  • Wooden structures & framing
  • Gypsum & steel
  • Fitting & finish.
We conduct regular inspections and tests, to ensure that the structures and fixtures are built and installed to meet the required specifications. This includes assessing the integrity of joints, finishes, and other aspects of the elements to guarantee long-term durability and sustainability.
Here are some of the key responsibilities of our Carpentry & Fitting department:
CUSTOM CARPENTRY: This involves the fabrication and installation of wooden structures, such as stairs, doors, windows, cabinets, kitchens, and wardrobes. 
COLLABORATION: Our team works closely with architects and designers to bring their ideas to life, considering factors such as design aesthetics, functionality, space optimization and integration with technical installations or other components.
INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR FINISH: The department is responsible for the installation of wooden flooring, wall cladding, ceiling panels, and other interior elements that require carpentry skills. 
RESTORATION AND REFURBISHMENT: We can also assist in the restoration and refurbishment of existing structures, including repairing damaged structures and renovating old buildings. 
QUALITY CONTROL AND SAFETY: Our employees ensure compliance with quality standards, building codes, and safety regulations. 

Our carpentry and fitting experts flexibly cooperate with other trades, elevating the overall success and quality of your construction project. Our experienced back office with interdisciplinary experts helps to ensure smooth operation.

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