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Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Are you in need of additional personnel for your construction site? Accera endeavors to be your foremost resource partner in the construction industry, offering a diverse array of manpower. Your advantage of utilizing our resource department is the flexibility we offer you.

We understand that construction projects can have fluctuating demands for labor, and we are committed to providing the required workforce at any given time. Whether you need a few additional workers to meet a tight deadline or a fully staffed team for a large-scale project, we can accommodate your needs effectively.

We specialize in delivering multiple levels of skilled craftsmen ranging from:

  • Carpenters & Framers
  • Electricians & Technicians
  • Metal Workers & Welders
  • Cleaning & Site Maintenance Crew
  • Masons & Concrete Workers
  • Various Interdisciplinary Workers.

Below we list some of our special qualities within Accera Resources: 

FLEXIBILITY: An ongoing challenge in the construction sector is securing skilled workers, equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and a strong work ethic. This task is further complicated by the often-urgent need for manpower, adding pressure to resource management.

QUALITY: We collaborate closely with international agencies who diligently scout the market for the most qualified workers from Denmark and across Europe.

SCREENING: Our resource department ensures that all workers provided are screened and have the necessary certifications and training. At Accera we work closely together with the resources we bring in on multiple projects. The fact that we screen the resources and test their abilities onsite ourselves means that you can rely on the staff you hire from us.

TRANSPARENCY: We maintain excellent communication and transparency throughout the entire construction process, working closely with clients to understand their requirements and expectations. We also make sure to continually meet your needs and adjust our workforce accordingly through transparency and communication.

 Our reliable operation and worker selection process provide you with a flexible crew that you can confidently rely on at your construction site.

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