Jonas Malmberg-Pedersen

Department manager

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To achieve the optimal construction solutions, it is crucial to involve interdisciplinary expertise from the very beginning and carefully plan the process from start to finish. Our handpicked contractors can provide guidance on the best possible approach. 

At Accera, we are an efficient total supplier of full-scale construction projects in Denmark. We always start a new project by planning the handover phase. We take responsibility for the entire installation process in connection with technical installations.

We understand that achieving optimal functionality in a construction project requires interdisciplinary coordination and interaction from the conceptual phase through pre-project and design phases, to implementation, functional testing, and final handover.

Our goal is always to deliver without deficiencies, we strive to complete within your time frame and requirements for the outcome.

We assist you all the way from concept sketches, designing, building construction, and complex technical projects to optimize the operations from A-Z. We make your construction run smoothly throughout the construction phase all the way towards the permanent occupational permit. 

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