Martin Bøger Guzek
Co-founder | Chief Business Development Officer

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As a full-service construction company and consultancy house, we leverage our expertise and industry knowledge, to guide our clients through every step of the construction process. We provide valuable advice and recommendations, to optimize the outcome of your construction projects. 

Our consultants are highly skilled within their field and handpicked for your project’s technical and specialist requirements. We strive to deliver the best quality consultancy in the Nordic construction business. By hiring us, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your project will be completed seamlessly and to your satisfaction.

Due to our internal possibilities for employee expansion within a highly skilled network of contractors, we can offer you our assistance in both construction execution and consulting, as well as the supervising and management side of large- and small-scale building projects.
With our deep understanding of both consultancy and construction aspects, we closely monitor your project from start to finish.

Many of our clients also benefit from our opportunity to facilitate better alignment between design, technical specifications, and construction execution. 

This leads Accera to offer: 

  • Smoother workflows within and between construction disciplines.
  • Better communication on site often between many cultures and specialties.
  • Reduced misunderstandings, errors, and costly delays.
  • Improved collaboration ultimately resulting in more cohesive, smooth, and successful building projects.

In addition to our construction services, we provide value-added services such as pre-construction assessments, cost estimations, feasibility studies, sustainability analyses, and post-construction evaluations.

We provide the necessary expertise to successfully manage your project, allowing you to stay on schedule, maintain your budget, create your monthly reports, and achieve your desired level of quality, even in complex architectural designs and technical environments.

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