Accera proudly presents our clients’ expressions of our successful collaboration. 

We kindly invite you to browse through our strong client portfolio to obtain an impression of who we are and what we stand for. Our success is mainly achieved because we always strive to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations, are flexible on a day-to-day basis and have great interdisciplinary experience that minimize the risk of errors, create better quality, and reduce unnecessary delays.

Business – Ferring Pharmaceuticals, technical services

During the construction & finalization of Ferring Pharmaceuticals new domicile, our client required several additions to their new Domicile. Accera delivered a broad spectrum of services, spread across electrical installations, coordination, consulting and maintenance of technical systems..

Consumer – Cross trades Ballerup

Complete internal renovation of two story residence in Ballerup, carried out as a complete project with all trades activated.

Consumer – Cross trades Frederiksberg

Partial renovation of electrical, plumming and constructing play area's above existing rooms, installing hardwood oak floor, custom made built-in shelf system and wood railing, electrical and plumming, finishing wooden floors and building new alternative patio inside the living room.

Consumer – Tree house on Sjælland

Fun project ordered by one of hour private clients. Job involved cutting a very large pine tree down in size and creating a playhouse / shelter on top of the tree.

Business – CPH Skadecenter

Our good partner and client from CPH Skadecenter asked Accera to build addional office space inside their workshop, which evolved into new technical installations in their main car repair workshop. The job consisted of several trades, construction and technical installations.

Business – Expandia, Søndermarkskolen

Expandia moduler deliveres sublime solutions for temporary facilities when renovating, in this scenario Accera was hired as a total supplier for installing their module solution on Søndermarkskolen in Frederiksberg

Business – Ferring Research & development centre, Soundport

Accera entered the domicile project in early 2020 and joined the large buildingsite, delivering technical supervision on multiple construction packages, construction management, commissioning management and ultimately full projekt management of the projekt finalization, securing the occupational permit for the client.

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