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Jonas Malmberg-Pedersen

Department manager

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Our Fire & Security department at Accera works diligently to ensure the safety and protection of our clients’ facilities and personnel.

With our expertise in fire alarms, permission systems, CCTV surveillance, and burglary alarms, we have several advantages in effectively setting up managing security measures.

Below we have listed some of the systems we have great expertise in:

  • Automatic burglary and intruder alarm systems (AIA)
  • Automatic fire alarm systems (ABA)
  • Video surveillance (TVO)
  • Permission control systems (ADK)
  • Facial recognition systems.

Below we have listed some of the main qualities of our Fire & Security department:

EARLY FIRE DETECTION: Our team and trusted partners excel in the installation and maintenance of advanced fire alarm systems. By integrating cutting-edge technology and monitoring capabilities, we set up installations to provide early detection and swift response to any fire-related incidents. This significantly minimizes the risk of fire-related damages, ensuring the safety of everyone present on your premises and meeting your insurance requirements.

SECURITY: We install permission systems designed to regulate access to various areas within your facility. By implementing secure authentication methods and card-based access control, you can restrict access to sensitive zones, such as server rooms and executive offices. This enhances the overall security of your company, preventing unauthorized entry, managing crowd control, and potential theft.

MONITORING: An installation of a video surveillance system acts as an extra set of eyes, constantly monitoring activities in key locations. Through strategically placed cameras and a centralized monitoring station, you will be able to identify suspicious behavior and potential threads internal or external. Combining a monitoring system with facial recognition or AI software can be utilized for multiple purposes for instance also managing your warehouse supply stuck or advanced marketing.

PROTECTION: Our expertise in installation of intruder and burglary alarms provides an additional layer of protection against forced entries and break-ins. With a technology-enabled system, you can detect unauthorized access, alert security personnel, and initiate appropriate responses. This preventative measure ensures that your facility is safeguarded from potential theft and unauthorized intrusions.

By utilizing our interdisciplinary approach and collaborating closely with other departments, especially our electrical department, we have the advantage of implementing comprehensive security solutions that seamlessly integrate with your other construction operations.

With our expertise, we provide the necessary measures to ensure the utmost safety and protection for your company, your assets, and your staff and we also assist you in meeting your insurance requirements and necessary reporting.

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